Africa Dialogues on COVID-19 Response

As the initial threats of COVID-19 transmission reached the African continent, Dalberg’s Edwin Macharia and Amref’s Dr. Githinji Gitahi began talking. If a disease this infectious could wreak havoc on countries across the Global North, what might it mean for the Global South – and Africa specifically? How could leadership responses be tuned to meet a new challenge that would match other infectious diseases in scale, and place a weight on already-burdened healthcare systems?

An initial output of this discussion was the first edition of the Africa Dialogues: COVID-19 Response webinar – a forum that spotlights the local insights, on-the-ground intelligence, and Africa-specific frameworks that can help leaders across the public, private, and social sectors access new perspectives and insights.

The first edition of the webinar was oversubscribed within a day, and requests for recording came in across the week that followed. Edwin and Dr. Githinji struck a chord for people around the world with what they shared. Beyond the current news cycle, they were covering crisis in general – and how it can be more effectively navigated with innovative new tools and approaches. This was the start of the Africa Dialogues: COVID-19 Response series.

Africa Dialogues: COVID-19 Response